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The gesture


Will Smith

WOW!! Integrity on full display!! When Spanish triathlete @diegomentrida noticed that British triathlete @james_teagle went the wrong way right before the finish line of a race in Spain, Diego waited for him so he could take what he says is his deserved place. “He was in front of me the whole time. He deserved it.”

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El Mundo

El Triatlón de Santander otorga la tercera plaza a Diego Méntrida por su "noble gesto en la línea de meta"

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Spain triathlete gives up medal to rival who went wrong way

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Diego Mentrida: The act of sportsmanship that made Will Smith cry

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Diego Méntrida: "No me pareció justo entrar en meta antes que él"

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20 minutos

El ejemplo de deportividad de Diego Méntrida: un error de su rival le regala el podio pero él se lo devuelve

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El País

Un triatleta madrileño cede el podio a su rival después de que este cometiera un error

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Triathlete's act of kindness at Spain event applauded on social media

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El Mundo Deportivo

Ejemplo de deportividad de Diego Méntrida, que devuelve el podio a su rival tras el error de éste

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Will Smith, el último en aplaudir la deportividad de Diego Méntrida: "He llorado"

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Antena 3

Deja pasar a su rival en la meta porque se equivocó de camino, el enorme gesto de deportividad de Diego Méntrida

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Daily Mail

Spanish triathlete shows incredible sportsmanship by STOPPING on finish line to let British rival who took a wrong turn at the end to cross first and win the bronze medal

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The Sun

'HE DESERVED IT' Spanish triathlete STOPS to let Brit James Teagle cross finish and take bronze after rival’s wrong turn in home stretch

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Onda Cero

Diego Méntrida, sobre su gesto viral en el triatlón de Santander: "Vi que se equivocó y le dejé pasar"

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Cadena SER

"No me parecía justo": el triatleta que renunció al podio por una lección de deportividad

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Le Point

Espagne : un triathlète attend son adversaire qui s'est trompé de route

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A Spanish triathlete stopped at the finish line to let another runner take his 3rd-place finish after seeing him take a wrong turn

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El Heraldo

El aplaudido gesto de deportividad del triatleta Diego Méntrida

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Sport 1

Triathlet beeindruckt mit Fairplay

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El Correo

Cuando la deportividad deja de ser un tópico

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Sputnik News Italia

Triatleta sbaglia strada all’ultima curva: avversario lo fa passare e rinuncia alla medaglia

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La Voz de Galicia

A Diego Méntrida yo lo contrataría

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Iker Casillas

Diego Méntrida #buenasnochesmundo

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Laura Fa

El compañerismo, la deportividad y la elegancia deben ser aplaudidas siempre!!!!! Bravo Diego Méntrida

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Fernando Canales

Aún queda esperanza | El triatleta madrileño Diego Méntrida dejó pasar a su rival cuando éste se equivocó de camino antes de la meta. Peleaban por el tercer puesto en el Triatlón de Santander, que ganó Gómez Noya 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️💨

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Toni Cantó

Deportividad, valores y compañerismo. El triatleta Diego Méntrida dejó pasar a su rival, que se equivocó de camino en la última curva antes de la meta. Peleaban por el tercer puesto del triatlón de Santander. Todo un ejemplo a seguir 👏👏👏

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Adrián San Miguel

The real values of SPORT in a single gesture: James Teagle 🇬🇧 got confused on the last corner and was passed by Diego Méntrida🇪🇸 who did this... #Respect #FairPlay 🤝

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Gina Holguin

🥰 Historias que me encantan. Diego Méntrida estaba por ganar la medalla al 3er lugar, pero dejó pasar a su rival al equivocarse de camino antes de cruzar la meta. 👏👏👏

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Ana Caty Hernández

La pelea por el tercer lugar, su rival se confundió de dirección y Diego Méntrida se detiene y lo deja pasar la meta Los valores que enseña el deporte, dejar la gloria de un podio por el respeto hacia un colega y el trabajo que ha hecho👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Laurent Eric le Lay

Le triathlète madrilène Diego Méntrida a laissé passer son rival lorsqu'il a commis une erreur avant la ligne d'arrivée. Ils se battaient pour la troisième place du triathlon de Santander, remporté par Gómez Noya

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Azucena Uresti

En el mundo se viraliza y se aplaude el noble gesto deportista del triatleta Diego Méntrida. Su contrincante con quien disputaba el tercer lugar, se equivocó de ruta y él se detuvo justo antes de cruzar la meta para dejarlo ganar #AzucenaxMilenio

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Rafa Sahuquillo

Will Smith se rinde ante el deportivo gesto de Diego Méntrida: "Me has hecho llorar". La deportividad del triatleta madrileño ha traspasado fronteras 👌🏻

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Aditi Singh Sharma

Unbelievable display of integrity & class by #DiegoMentrida !! PLEASE watch. ❤️❤️

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Santander Triathlon. Santander, 13th September 2020.

British James Teagle is just one curve away from finishing third - and so onto the podium - ahead of Spanish-born Diego Méntrida, for whom it is already impossible to beat him. Then something unexpected happens. Teagle gets confused when he takes that last curve and goes in the wrong direction, losing a few meters and seconds that allow the Spaniard to get ahead, just a few meters from the finish line. Diego keeps looking back and, just before passing the finish line, stops. He waits for Teagle, to whom he holds out his hand and lets him pass with total naturalness. In this way, the Briton finishes third and Diego fourth.

All those watching the scene live are amazed. The same thing that would happen later with hundreds of millions of people, thanks to a news item and a video that goes viral all over the world.

For Diego, that was of no great importance. "It was the right thing to do. He was the whole race ahead of me. He was better and it wasn't fair that, by mistake, he losts the podium. My obligation was to let him pass".

Diego has always seen his gesture as something normal, lacking in merit. But the truth is that the news of that end of the race went around the world. Media and celebrities from the five continents surrendered - and continue to do so - to the figure of "a normal guy", for his example of sportsmanship, integrity and values. This is especially noteworthy in a society that is increasingly in need of moral references such as Diego.

Will Smith himself, shocked by what had happened, shared a video on his social networks with his almost fifty million followers in which he commented on that end of the race between James and Diego. At that moment ‘Running for West’ began to be born in Diego's mind...


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